Published: Thursday, 25th July 2019

Cllr Christine Grice, Cabinet Member for Finance & Resources, said:

"We welcome the new Prime Minister to office and his optimistic promises to fix the crisis in social care, put more police on the streets, increase per pupil funding and lift millions out of poverty – forthwith!

"As a Council we have had enough of austerity and nine years of sustained cuts to our budgets - it has had a huge impact on the services like social care that we provide. Since 2010, our funding has reduced by a staggering £1,400 per household, totalling some £125 million, largely as a result of funding that the Government has taken away from us. At the same time, the population has grown, and more people have had to use our services.

"The Prime Minister says he wants to unite the kingdom. We want to create a fairer Greenwich for everyone who lives and works here. Our next four-year financial cycle starts in April 2020 and we need to make sure every pound we spend goes towards helping us achieve this goal. So, we look forward to the Prime Minister realising his promises and taking personal responsibility for the changes people want to see - no ifs or buts."

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