18 abandoned vehicles seized stored in a storage unit.

Published: Thursday, 25th April 2019

We seized 18 abandoned vehicles and issued 49 parking tickets during our recent Operation Stop It in Thamesmead.

Operation Stop It is a partnership between Royal Greenwich and the Metropolitan Police, as well as other key partners, to deal with vehicle related crimes like fly-tipping in the borough.

The 18 seized vehicles in a storage warehouse.

18 seized abandoned vehicles as part of Operation Stop It.

Council officials along with the Metropolitan Police, Drivers Vehicle Standard Agency, Immigration, London Fire Brigade, Environment Agency and Redcorn all came together to hit out at irresponsible vehicle owners.

Cllr Danny Thorpe, Leader of Royal Greenwich and Cllr Jackie Smith, Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Integrated Enforcement also attended the operation.

Operation Stop It’s latest mission focused on known hotspots for abandoned vehicles and dumped waste in Thamesmead.

Cllr Danny Thorpe said: “We continue to receive a large number of complaints about cars being illegally parked in Thamesmead. And we’ve identified that some of the vehicles parked here either have no registration plates or are the reason why waste is being illegally dumped in this area.

“These cars are a dangerous obstruction and make our roads unsafe. They’re also causing anti-social behaviour and environmental crimes, as some of them are being stripped down for parts and unwanted parts are being dumped on our roads, which is completely unacceptable.”

Cllr Jackie Smith said: “We inspected all of the vehicles parked on Boughton Road, Kellner Road and Nathan Way, and took action against anyone we’ve found to be breaking the law. 

“We’ve seized 18 abandoned vehicles, issued 49 tickets for illegal parking and we hope this will be a deterrent to others. Do not abandon your vehicles or dump waste in our borough, because there will be consequences.”

If you see or suspect an abandoned or untaxed vehicle or someone dumping waste report this by calling 0208 921 4661 or visit www.fix.royalgreenwich.gov.uk