Ken sees his portrait
Ken sees his portrait

Published: Wednesday, 20th March 2019

Those who took part saw themselves for the first time, in large format, at the launch event on 19 March.

More than 50 people from Woolwich and the surrounding area, including market traders, artists, school children and a pub landlady are just a few of the colourful characters who have taken part in an interactive photography exhibition going on display in the Woolwich Creative District. Those who took part saw themselves, in large format, at the launch event on 19 March for the first time.

Stunning portraits

The stunning portraits were taken in locations across Royal Greenwich of people going about their daily lives from traders working on Beresford Square Market to shoppers in General Gordon Square. Members of active social clubs such as the Caribbean Social Forum and Okey Cokey Nepalese and Gurkha Social Club also feature.

The interactive outdoor exhibition will be on display in the Woolwich Arsenal on the construction hoardings of the Woolwich Creative District, around Building 19 (previously a munitions factory for the British military), from now until the end of the year.

'Woolwich is a vibrant buzzing place'

Cllr Miranda Williams, Cabinet Member for Culture, Leisure and the Third Sector, Royal Borough of Greenwich, said:

"Woolwich is a vibrant, buzzing place. The exhibition shows that you just have to scratch the surface to discover all the fantastic things that are happening in and around the area. From social clubs for retired members of the Nepalese and Caribbean communities to top family run restaurants, independent shops and even free knitting and carpentry groups.

"The people in the exhibition will bring back life to the old military buildings in the Arsenal just as the Woolwich Creative District will do too when it opens in 2020."

Listen to the interviews

As well as being photographed, many of the participants were also interviewed. Visitors and passers-by will be able to scan QR codes displayed with the portraits to instantly listen to the subjects' stories and be transported to a range of locations around the borough. Participants were asked about where they were, what they were doing, their thoughts about Woolwich and forthcoming Woolwich Creative District.

Emile, fashion designer, Thames-Side Studios, said: "I think it’s a really good idea. It’s great they’re regenerating the area. As an artist, as a creative person, it’s definitely what I see as a good thing."

Lesley, landlady, Earl of Chatham, said: "…to actually have a performance on your doorstep will be really good."

Prisca a shopper in General Gordon Square: "Woolwich is the best place ever, seriously there is so much diversity, culture and anything you need you can find it in Woolwich. I really love this place."

Listen to all the interviews

An ambitious cultural development

The Woolwich Creative District is a hugely ambitious cultural development, comprising five buildings, totalling some 15,000sqm. The Royal Borough of Greenwich has allocated over £31 million for this project, an investment which hopes to deliver 400 new jobs, increase local revenue and drive up tourism in the town.

Punchdrunk the world-renowned theatre company, is just one of the big name tenants that is poised to make the Woolwich Creative District its home - when the new landmark destination for the arts opens in 2020.

See the photos from the event

Visit the exhibition

The interactive outdoor exhibition is on display in the Woolwich Arsenal on the construction hoardings of the Woolwich Creative District around Building 19 - previously the Carriage Mounting Shop.

Building 19
Duke of Wellington Avenue
Woolwich Arsenal