Published: Wednesday, 5th September 2018

The Royal Borough of Greenwich Women's Safety Charter has been launched to send out a clear message that sexual harassment is not tolerated in Royal Greenwich.

The Council has joined forces with the Her Centre in Woolwich to invite businesses and organisations to sign up to the Charter and pledge to uphold its principles at the venues or places they are responsible for.

Speakers at the launch, led by Cllr Jackie Smith the Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Integrated Enforcement, included Stacy Smith from the Her Centre, Bryony Beynon from the Good Night Out campaign and Detective Superintendent Andy Furphy. A special message of support was screened from Amy Lamé the London Mayor's Night Czar.

About the Women's Safety Charter

The campaign aims to raise awareness and challenge all kinds of sexual harassment across the borough so everyone can freely enjoy getting out and about. The vision is for all women and girls to feel comfortable and safe from any intimidation or sexual violence whether they are having a night out, taking part in a social event or attending an education or healthcare premises.

The Charter aims to empower women and girls to speak out about any incidences of sexual harassment and give reassurance that they will be listened to and believed. Importantly the initiative aims to support staff and provide training so they can respond to reports of sexual harassment in a sensitive and professional manner.

By signing up to and displaying the Charter businesses and organisations can showcase that they are proud to promote a culture of zero tolerance of sexual harassment and that they take all reports from victims and bystanders seriously.

Businesses and organisations will also be able to display our eye-catching 'wondering if its sexual harassment? ... it probably is' posters to help raise awareness and help people recognise all the different types of sexual harassment. The posters emphasise that sexual harassment includes all unwanted behaviour of a sexual nature from staring, jokes and comments to touching and assault. The campaign aims to highlight that sexual harassment is not a trivial matter and in many cases incidents are criminal offences.

To sign up, email

The Royal Borough's Women's Safety Charter is being launched in support of the London Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime Women's Night Safety Charter - Reclaiming the Night.

Cllr Jackie Smith, the Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Integrated Enforcement

"We are really proud to have joined forces with the Her Centre to launch the Royal Borough of Greenwich Women's Safety Charter. We want to send a clear message that sexual harassment in any form will not be tolerated in this borough and that reports of incidents will be taken seriously. Men as well as women are also among the victims of unwanted sexual behaviour but women and girls are disproportionately targeted.

"Sexual harassment can be trivialised but it is far from being a trivial matter - incidents can have a major impact on the lives of many women and girls leading them to avoid certain venues, decide not to join in a social event and even quit a loved job or educational courses. Our vision is to work in partnership with businesses, organisations and communities to stop sexual harassment and make the Royal Greenwich one of the safest places for all women and girls who live, work, study or visit the borough."

Stacy Smith, Chief Executive Office of the Her Centre

"The Her Centre is in total support of the Royal Borough of Greenwich Women's Safety Charter and the opportunity it offers to raise awareness about the harassment women face and the need to positively address this across the community."

Detective Superintendent Andy Furphy, The Met's safeguarding lead for the borough

"Harassment, stalking and abuse are treated with the upmost seriousness by the Met and our officers are now far more adept at identifying controlling and coercive behaviour. It is important that woman feel supported and encouraged to report any incidents of sexual harassment to the police so we can build a complete picture of what is happening. This is why we are fully supportive of the Royal Borough of Greenwich Women’s Safety Charter and everything it stands for."

Amy Lamé, the London Mayor's Night Czar

"I'd like to congratulate the Royal Borough on the launch of the Women's Safety Charter. The Mayor and I are firmly committed to making London a safer city for all women and girls. I look forward to working more closely with Cllr Jackie Smith, the Her Centre and all those dedicated to making Royal Greenwich and London a safe place for all women and girls."

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