Published: Wednesday, 15th August 2018

Statement by Cllr Danny Thorpe and Cllr Chris Kirby.

"This Green Paper has shown once again that the Government has absolutely no answers to the housing challenges we face here in Greenwich. Warm words aren't worth the paper they are written on without any commitment to the dedicated resources we need to build homes directly, for our communities.

"We are deeply disappointed that, once again, the Government have missed the opportunity to tackle the critical issue of the plummeting number of new social homes being built and we join the call for the Government to invest in the 80,000 genuinely affordable homes a year which are now needed across the country.

"Unless the Government makes concrete commitments now to invest in building significant numbers of truly affordable homes, in the right places, the chances of our young people ever getting a home they can afford remains bleak. This paper does absolutely nothing for 'Generation Rent' and thousands of young people in our borough who desperately want their own home.

"Despite the restraints imposed on us by the Government, we are determined to do what we can to increase the number of affordable homes for local people.

"Our new Housing Delivery Board has been set up to identify locations on estates and sites we own where we can build Council housing, but the reality is that to really make a difference to the lives of our residents we need the Government to provide the resources for house building."

Cllr Danny Thorpe, Leader of the Royal Borough of Greenwich, and

Cllr Chris Kirby, Cabinet Member for Housing