Published: Wednesday, 27th June 2018

A campaign to stop motorbike or moped riding in parks is launched after community concerns.

Residents and businesses are getting on board with a campaign to protect the Royal Borough's parks and green spaces from being damaged by motorbike or moped riding.

The 'Let's stop Mopeds and Motorbikes in our parks' campaign campaign has been launched in response to concerns expressed by the community. Residents, businesses and community groups are being urged to be the ears and eyes for the clampdown on motorbike and moped riding, which is banned in the Royal Borough's parks and open spaces.

Creating partnerships to achieve success

The Council's park rangers have been working alongside town centre wardens and the Police Safer Neighbourhood Teams to tackle the issue of illegal bike riding but they do need information from the community.

The campaign has notched up a number of successes already due to people reporting details on incidences and suspected perpetrators.

Under the campaign residents are asked to help collect information on any suspected perpetrators by reporting names, addresses, number plates and places where the bikes being ridden in parks or open spaces are kept or stored.

Recently, thanks to information from residents and a van hire company, three vans were stopped at Harmony Woods in Sidcup Road, Eltham and they were found to contain a total of 11 motorbikes.

The van drivers were advised they are not allowed to ride on Council land and if they do their bikes will be seized and crushed. So far these riders have not returned to the park however three other motorbikes have been seized in the area around Harmony Woods.

'Moped and motorbike riding in parks can cause environmental damage'

Councillor Miranda Williams, the Cabinet Member for Culture, Leisure and the Third Sector, said: "We will not tolerate potentially highly dangerous illegal motorbike riding in our treasured parks and open spaces and we are grateful for all the help we have received from residents and businesses in our quest to clampdown on this.

"Moped and motorbike riding in parks can cause a huge amount of environmental damage and it is hugely intimidating to park users.

"We know that the illegal activity is often associated with other types of anti-social behaviour and moped related crime, which has increased across the capital."

If you see it, report it

The poster campaign flags up a contact number for people to anonymously report information on any motorbike riders who are flouting the law.

Call 020 8921 4329 or email

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