Published: Monday, 21st May 2018

The Royal Borough's ongoing crackdown down on the blight of rubbish filled and untidy front gardens has resulted in more than four tonnes of rubbish being removed.

The Council is serving Community Protection Warnings (CPW), with the threat of a Community Protection Notices (CPN) to follow, to get those responsible to clean up front gardens. The warnings and notices can be given to owners, tenants as well as to those who manage properties such as managing agents and landlords.

Breaching a CPN is a criminal offence

Officers from the Council's Environmental Enforcement Team are warning people breaching a CPN is a criminal offence which can be punished by an on-spot fine of £100 or on prosecution a fine up to £2,500 for individuals or £20,000 for organisations and businesses.

Enforcement officers initially engaged with the owner of the property in Lakeside Avenue in bid to clean up the front of the home but as no action was taken a CPW, which was complied with, was served. The occupant of the home in Macoma Road was served with a CPW by enforcement officers with the requirement for the large amount of rubbish to be removed in 10 days which was complied with.

'We will not tolerate people using gardens as rubbish tips'

Councillor Jackie Smith, Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Environment, said: "Rubbish dumped in front gardens can be a major blight on a neighbourhood and impact negatively on everyone's quality of life. The Council will not tolerate people using gardens as rubbish tips and will not hesitate to use all the powers at its disposal to get people to clean up land they are responsible for.

"We are warning people that if they breach the requirements of a Community Protection Notice it's a criminal offence. Our tough enforcement regime is part of our borough wide campaign to have the cleanest streets in London."

In the year up until the end of March the Council issued 78 Community Protection Notices for untidy land and anti-social behaviour. The Crime and Policing Act 2014 gives local authorities the power to give the notices to ban activities which have a negative impact on the community.

In cases where properties with untidy gardens are vacant or if owners cannot be traced officers can put a written CPN on the property. If the notice is not complied with then the Council can clear the rubbish and bill the owner when they are located.

Bulky Household Collections

The Council has a collection service for bulky household items, such as beds and sofas, which cost £10 per item. To make an appointment call 020 8921 4661. Residents are advised to only put items out in their front gardens on the day they are due to be collected.

Under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, officers from the Royal Borough can issue Community Protection Notices to any person in a position to manage or control premises or land.

Report rubbish filled or untidy front gardens or open land