Published: Tuesday, 20th March 2018

A three-year extension to its ban on illegal travellers' camps in all its parks has been secured by the Royal Borough.

The Council has successfully secured a borough-wide injunction to protect its 203 parks and open spaces, including land around housing estates, from unlawful encampments until 18 March 2021. The injunction granted at the High Court on Monday (19 March) effectively extends a three-month interim injunction which ended on 18 March.

The Royal Borough took decisive action to protect the land it owns after four travellers' camps were illegally set up in its parks during October and November last year. Since April 2015 there have been 26 illegal encampments on sites owned by the Royal Borough, which collectively resulted in a clean-up bill of more than £400,000.

The ban, which only applies to land owned by the Royal Borough, aims to prevent illegal encampments but if any do occur then the Council does not have to take individual court action which can delay evictions.

Injunction Order

Copies of the injunction are posted outside all 203 Council sites it protects.

View the Injunction Order for unlawful encampments

'Delighted to have secured this ban'

Councillor Jackie Smith, the Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Environment, said: "We are absolutely delighted to have secured this ban which will ensure our treasured parks and open spaces are protected from the damage travellers' camps cause.

"We have taken decisive and proactive action on this issue in response to a huge number of concerns expressed by residents and businesses over issues such as fly-tipping and environmental damage from such unlawful encampments.

"Our approach has proved to be highly effective as despite the growing trend in illegal travellers' sites there were no breaches of the interim ban."

Report illegal encampments

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