Published: Friday, 16th March 2018

Work is underway completing the final 'missing link' in the Thames Path as it stretches from one end of the Royal Borough of Greenwich to the other.

Royal Greenwich has the longest continuous waterfront of any London borough and the Thames Path runs alongside Royal Greenwich's Riverside and is traffic free for large parts.

There are small sections at Charlton where it diverts inland onto the busy Woolwich Road. This missing section of the Thames Path is known locally as the 'Missing Link'.

The Council is delivering on a £1.5m investment in connecting this break in the Thames Path.

First project

The first project is an elevated structure that sits atop the River Wall (and cantilevers over the River) linking King Henry's Wharf to Warspite Road.

Second project

The second project is securing and upgrading a safe route through the Westminster Industrial Estate (off Warspite Road) and the construction of a ramp from the estate into the Thames Barrier site.

Work on the new pathway is scheduled to be completed in May 2018.

'The most beautiful waterfront of any of the London boroughs'

Sizwe James, Cabinet Member for Cabinet Member for Transport, Economy and Smart Cities, visited the site to see the elevated structure being put into place.

Cllr James said "We have the longest and, I think, the most beautiful waterfront of any of the London boroughs. And we are investing and working towards the time when walkers and cyclists will be able to travel from one end of the Borough to the other on the Thames Path without any in-land detour."

Royal Greenwich runs eight miles along the Thames, stretching from the Maritime Greenwich World Heritage Site, past The O2 Arena, through employment heartlands and the Thames Barrier to the metropolitan centre of Woolwich and out to Thamesmead.