Published: Thursday, 1st February 2018

As part of its campaign to have the cleanest streets in London, the Royal Borough of Greenwich has been seeking opinions on its new Community Charter plans.

To celebrate the unveiling of the lamp post banners in Woolwich town centre, emblazoned with the 'Love Woolwich, Don't Litter' message, local businesses were asked their views on the details for the new Royal Greenwich Business Community Charter this week.

Councillor Danny Thorpe, the Deputy Leader, and Councillor Jackie Smith, the Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Environment, held a walkabout around Woolwich town centre to promote the Council's 'Love' campaign to make the Royal Borough a cleaner, tidier place that everyone can feel proud of.

Community Charters

The Royal Greenwich Business Community Charter and the Royal Greenwich Resident Community Charter, with the Council's key pledges to keep the borough ship shape, are to be launched at the end of February. Residents and businesses will be invited to sign up and make a number of promises to help support the major clean-up. The Charters are part of the campaign to encourage everyone to show their love for the Royal Borough by helping to keep it spick and span.

The Council's pledges to support businesses include investing in the latest street cleaning machines, regular town centre inspections and a reliable first class commercial waste removal service. Businesses will be able to pledge to keep their premises looking attractive, encourage their customers to bin litter and to make sure their rubbish is collected by a licensed waste carrier.

Residents can promise not to drop litter, cigarette ends or gum and to make sure they put their rubbish and recycling in the correct collection bins. The Council's pledges also include taking enforcement action against all kinds of enviro-crime including fly-tipping, littering and graffiti.

'Help keep our streets clean and tidy'

Councillor Jackie Smith, Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Environment, said: "We want to build upon the huge amount of civic pride people have across the whole of the Royal Borough to encourage everyone to do their bit to help keep our streets clean and tidy.

"We know it is a top priority for residents and businesses alike that our high streets look their best which is why we are investing in our street cleaning services and cracking down on all forms of environmental crime."

'Plans to regenerate all our town centres'

Councillor Danny Thorpe, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Sustainability, said: "The Royal Borough has an amazing heritage and is set to have a great future thanks to major investment from multiple regeneration schemes.

"We have master plans to regenerate all our town centres and so it is vital that we do all we can to support this by making them places everyone can feel proud of and enjoy spending time in."

'Make Woolwich a nicer place for all'

Tenzin Dakpa from Kailash Momo Tibetan Restaurant in Woolwich New Road was among the businesses welcoming the Love Woolwich campaign and the plans for a business charter. He said: "It's a really good idea and will support businesses. I like the principle of everyone working together to make Woolwich a nicer place for all to enjoy."

'This will make it even better'

Russell Clarke, the owner of Equitable House in Greens End which features the Coffee Lounge café and office space for the Metro charity, said: "I wholeheartedly support this campaign. Woolwich town centre is pretty good as it is but this will make it even better."