Published: Tuesday, 23rd January 2018

A business which used an unregistered waste carrier was ordered to pay nearly £700.

The Royal Borough is reminding businesses they have a legal responsibility to check that anyone who removes their commercial waste for disposal has the correct authorisation.

The Royal Borough is currently undertaking a major crackdown on fly-tipping and anyone caught dumping rubbish can expect a £400 on-the-spot fine or, if prosecuted fines running into thousands of pounds.

Council tracked down company from fly-tip

The Council's Plumstead Task Force Team, which proactively investigates fly-tips, came across a large amount of dumped rubbish in White Hart Road on Thursday 11 January 2018. The officers identified the waste as commercial and the Council's Enviro-crime team traced it to a company in Dartford.

The manager of the business was interviewed under caution and was ordered to pay a £300 Fixed Penalty Notice and £380 in costs towards the removal of the fly-tip and the correct disposal of the waste. The Council is now continuing this investigation with the Met Police to take action against the illegal waste carrier involved.

Businesses must dispose of their waste responsibly

Businesses are being reminded by the Council that transferring waste to an unregistered carrier or failure to provide an accurate Waste Transfer Note is criminal offence and can result in a £300 Fixed Penalty Notice or if found guilty in court fines of up to £5,000.

It's highlighting businesses have a duty of care to ensure the disposal of their waste does not impact on the environment.

'Zero-tolerance approach to fly-tipping'

Councillor Jackie Smith, Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Environment, said: "Businesses need to be on their guard against criminal operators who offer to take away their rubbish and then just dump it illegally. In this case the company failed to fully check the credentials of the person offering to take their rubbish.

"We hope this sends out a strong message that if businesses don't check if a waste carrier is registered or if they don't have a valid Waste Transfer Note and their rubbish is found fly tipped in the Royal Borough they will be held responsible.

"We have a zero tolerance approach to fly-tipping which is a disgusting blight on the environment which impacts on everybody’s lives and is hugely costly to clear away."

Find a licensed waste carrier

Always use a licensed carrier for removal of commercial waste.

Find out more information on our business waste pages