Published: Friday, 1st December 2017

Local businesses have signed up to the 'Love Woolwich Don't Litter' campaign.

Launched at a Woolwich Traders’ Forum Meeting held on Thursday 30 November, the campaign aims to build upon the strong community spirit and civic pride in the town to make it a cleaner, tidier and more welcoming place for everyone to enjoy.

Owners of the town's diverse shops, market stalls, restaurants, cafes, pubs and other venues are being invited to join the campaign to show their love for the town. Those on board are pledging to keep their property clean and tidy and reminding their customers to throw away their rubbish responsibly.

The event at Artfix Café in Powis Street also provided a chance for the businesses to share their suggestions for making the town a place everyone can feel really proud of.  Attendees were also able to get information on key town centre developments including Crossrail, the Woolwich Creative District, the Spray Street Quarter and the Island Scheme.

Artfix owner George Neris, a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, said: "Clean but not cleansed is how a city should feel. I think a clean Woolwich, which keeps its unique character and ambience, is the best proof that we love Woolwich."

The Royal Borough wants to work hand-in-hand with businesses and residents to spruce up the vibrant town centre to ensure it benefits from the major regeneration projects and the arrival of the Elizabeth line (Crossrail) trains next year.

Major clean-up operation

The Council has begun a major clean-up operation in the town with actions including the following:

  • The deployment of a high pressure dirt-blasting jet washing machine to give the town's streets and buildings a thorough deep clean. The machine, which takes a number of weeks to work its way round the town, can blast away grime and chewing gum which is notoriously hard to remove.
  • Regular walkabouts to spot any blights on the appearance of the town centre from broken street furniture to overflowing bins and get them sorted. Action has been taken to remove graffiti, fly posters and weeds growing on a roof.
  • The Council has arranged for more frequent cleaning and rubbish removal in the town centre and is repainting tired-looking street furniture in Powis Street. 
  • Planting around popular General Gordon Square has been spruced up and market stall holders have been reminded to clean up debris at the end of the day.
  • Investigations have been launched into the source of fly-tips.
  • Bringing in a giant vacuum cleaner type machine which can consume rubbish quickly and efficiently. The high tech kit, which will be dedicated to the town centre, is due to make its debut in the New Year. It is one of four the Council is to purchase for the borough.

Councillor Jackie Smith, Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Environment, said: "Woolwich has a wonderful buzzing town centre and we want to build upon the strong community spirit and civic pride there to make sure it is always looking its best.

"The diverse businesses in the town from unique independent traders and market stall holders to the major chains play a huge role in making Woolwich such a vibrant place and so we are really keen that they join the campaign. Having a cleaner and tidier town centre will make it even more welcoming  for people and encourage them to visit more often - which has got to be good for business.

"We are particularly keen to encourage residents to visit all our town centres in the busy Christmas shopping period."

Residents and visitors are invited to share positive thoughts on Woolwich on social media using the hashtag #WonderfulWoolwich