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Published: Monday, 11th September 2017

Two vehicles have been seized and a driver fined in a joint operation with the Police.

Royal Borough officers joined the Metropolitan Police on Woolwich's South Circular Road in an effort to crack down on illegal vehicles in the area on Wednesday 6 September. Vehicles were pulled over for insurance, licence and waste carrier checks. Vehicles which did not pass the checks were seized by the Royal Borough.

The most high-profile seizure of the day was the removal of a truck that was fully laden with one tonne of waste. The vehicle was seized by the Royal Borough after the driver failed to produce authority to transport waste papers. He was fined £340 and officers made arrangements for his waste to be transferred into a skip at his cost.

Operation Stop it

The day formed part of Royal Greenwich's rolling Operation Stop It! which aims to remove nuisance vehicles from the roads in Greenwich. Nuisance vehicles include, abandoned vehicles, untaxed vehicles and vehicles suspected of being used for fly-tipping. Metropolitan Police Officers were assigned under Operation Cubo. This is a pan London operation aimed at reducing the number of illegal vehicles on the capital's roads.

Fly-tipping and enviro-crime

The Royal Borough is also cracking down on fly-tipping and wider enviro-crime. Back in August, the Council issued nine £300 Fixed Penalty Notices to shops in Herbert Road, Plumstead who failed to provide evidence of proper waste disposal arrangements.

If you see or have suspicions that someone is carrying waste illegally, you can report it online along with the registration of the vehicle and any additional details.

'Expect fixed penalty notices and even prosecution'

Councillor Jackie Smith, Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Environment said, "The Royal Borough of Greenwich is proud to be working with the Metropolitan Police to do all we can to remove nuisance vehicles from our streets. Those illegally carrying waste can expect fixed penalty notices and even prosecution which could result in seizure of vehicles and fines that run into thousands of pounds."

'Makes the borough's roads much safer'

Borough Commander for Greenwich Metropolitan Police Service, Simon Dobinson added, "This is a great example of the proactive work we are conducting with Royal Greenwich to stop crimes such as fly-tipping before they happen. Removing unlicensed and uninsured vehicles also makes the borough's roads much safer not just for motorists but for all residents."