Testing in schools and universities

Regular rapid testing for teachers and secondary students without COVID-19 symptoms is in place in order to keep the community safe. 

Tests are quick and help reduce the spread of the COVID-19. The more that take part, the more we can keep safe from the virus.

Primary school staff will take twice-weekly rapid COVID-19 home tests.  

Secondary school pupils are given two rapid tests a week to take at home. Secondary school and college staff will also take twice-weekly home tests. Schools will provide tests and also give instructions for using the them. This explains how to do the test and how to report the results. Schools will also provide a privacy notice which explains what information is being collected. It is important to read this.

Households or support bubbles can order free COVID-19 tests to use at home if at least one member is a school, nursery or college pupil – or if a member works in a school, nursery or college. To order home test packs, or for other ways to book a rapid COVID-19 test, click here.

University students may return to in-person teaching, subject to twice weekly testing, from 17 May. 

If you test regularly, you will be helping to keep everyone safe.

An open letter to parents and carers about the reopening of schools can be accessed here.

Risk assessment

We'd like to reassure critical workers and those of you with vulnerable children that appropriate measures are being taken to keep your children safe. Each school in Royal Greenwich has completed an in-depth assessment of how to best meet the learning needs of their pupils, whilst keeping young people and staff safe. Leaders have completed these risk assessments in collaboration with staff, unions and the Council. The physical layout of each school is very different and so each school's approach is unique to ensure everyone's safety. All schools will have a strong focus on handwashing, sanitisation and cleaning.

Visit your child’s school website for specific information about how they are adapting to keep children and staff safe or contact them directly for further detailed information.

Read government information on children of critical workers and vulnerable children who can access schools or educational settings.

Parents, carers and families 

Twice-weekly testing using rapid Lateral Flow Tests (LFT) will be available to adults in all households with primary, secondary school and college aged children and young people, including childcare and support bubbles. 

LFTs are available to families in different ways, including through employers if they offer testing to employees, at a local test site, by collecting a home test kit from a test site, or by ordering a home test kit online.