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Grant payments for businesses affected by local and national restrictions

The government has asked councils to administer four grant schemes to businesses that have been affected by the Tier 2 and national lockdown restrictions. 

The eligibility criteria for the non-discretionary schemes have been defined by central government are fully funded for the grants paid. 

Local Restrictions Support Grant (for business that have had to close) 

This is a non-discretionary scheme. Grants can be paid to businesses that pay business rates and that have had to close because of government regulations during the national lockdown. This includes non-essential retail, leisure, personal care, sports facilities and hospitality businesses. 

The grant amounts are dependent on rateable value range for the current national lockdown period from 5 November to 2 December:

Rateable Value Grant amount

Rateable value of below £15,001 


Rateable value of between £15,001 to £50,999 


Rateable value of over £50,999 


The council’s Business Rates Team has the data it needs to administer the scheme and has contacted the eligible businesses. There is an online application form and there is no need to contact the council.  

Local Restrictions Support Grant (sector) 

This is a non-discretionary grant for nightclubs and adult entertainment venues that have had to close since 23 March 2020.

The government has asked local authorities to pay grants for the 4-day period from 1 November to 4 November and subsequently after the national lockdown. During the national lockdown these businesses will be entitled to the Local Restriction Support Grant (for businesses that have had to close) 

The grant amounts are dependent on rateable value range for “14 day” periods: 

Rateable Value Grant amount

Rateable value of below £15,001 


Rateable value of between £15,001 to £50,999 


Rateable value of over £50,999 


The council has the data it needs to administer the scheme and will be contacting eligible businesses. There is no need to contact the council. 

Addtional grant schemes

As well as the two non-discretionary grants schemes, the government has allocated two pots of funding to be distributed to businesses.

Additional Restrictions Support Grant  

This scheme supports businesses that:  

  • have had to close but are not on the business rates list, for example, market traders and home-based businesses  
  • are on the business rates list that have not been forced to close but have been affected by the restrictions resulting from the national lockdown  

Apply for the Additional Restrictions Support Grant

Local Restrictions Support Grant (for open businesses) 

This grant is for businesses impacted by the Tier 2 restrictions from 17 October to 4 November. The process for distributing this grant is being determined in line with guidance from central government. 

You should sign up to our Business e-alerts to make sure you receive further updates. The eligibility requirements will be published shortly, and, given the limited amount of funding provided by the government, we anticipate that an application process may be required.