Coronavirus COVID-19: Latest updates

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Supermarket hours

Some of our local supermarkets have introduced dedicated hours of shopping for vulnerable shoppers. We ask that you respect these hours. 

Due to varying closing times, we recommend that you check the opening hours of your local store using their store locator.

If you have any further queries about the opening and closing times, please contact the supermarket directly. 


Aldi opening hours currently 8am to 8pm on Monday to Friday and 10am to 4pm on Sundays.

The store will open an hour early on Sunday for emergency workers with valid ID.


Asda is temporarily stopping its 24-hour opening times. Stores will now be closed between 12am to 6am, with many closing at either 8pm or 10pm. 

The first opening hour is dedicated to the elderly and vulnerable and it has been asked that other customer visit the store after 10am. 

Between the hours of 8am to 9am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the store wil dedicate shopping to NHS workers.


The Co-op is now open between 7am to 8pm.

Between the hours of 8am to 9am Monday to Friday and 10am to 11pm on Sundays, the store will dedicate shopping hours to NHS workers, carers, the elderly and the vulnerable. 


Iceland will dedicate the first two hours of opening on Wednesdays to the elderly and vulnerable.

Marks and Spencer (M&S)

M&S will dedicate the first hour of shopping every Monday and Thursday to the elderly and vulnerable.

They will also have shopping hours for NHS and emergency workers the first hour of opening every Tuesday and Friday.


Morrisons has set aside shopping times for NHS and social care workers, these will be between the hours of 7am to 8am.


Sainsburys will dedicate the hours of 8am to 9am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the elderly and disabled.

They have also announced that between 7:30am to 8am from Monday to Saturday will be dedicated to NHS and social care workers.