Greenwich Get Digital: Training

As part of the Greenwich Get Digital loan and learn scheme, digital champions training is for all residents who are keen to support basic learners in using digital tools for the first time.

Community course training is for residents who have received a device or would like to gain basic digital skills.

Digital champions training

Residents can take part in an interactive three hour session to find out the basics of becoming a digital champion. The training via Zoom is hosted by Ryan McMurdo and Nicola Wallace Dean from 'Starting Point' who have ten years experience in inspiring digital champions to support learners in fun and engaging ways.

By the end of the session, you should be able to:

  • identify essential digital skills for life and for work
  • support learners with multiple learning platforms and digital training resources
  • understand barriers to digital inclusion
  • understand the importance of listening and its role within digital inclusion
  • signpost learners and community members to additional support available
  • know the next steps as a volunteer and how to best support the scheme moving forward.

Register to become a Digital Champion and book your training day

If you have any queries about the training email

Training questions and answers

Question Answer

What type of training is being delivered?

The training being delivered consists of two types of training intended for two sets of audiences:

  • Digital champions
  • Community course

Do Digital Champions have to be Royal Greenwich residents or is working/volunteering okay?

Anyone living, working or studying in Royal Greenwich is welcome to become a champion.

If we have not been able to identify champions, do you have champions allocated and when do we meet them?

There are Neighbourhood Champions who are already volunteering who can be trained, as well as new champions to the programme. We will make sure local champions Delivery Team representatives are connected to the centres for recruiting champions.

Do Digital Champions have to enter people’s houses?

Not required.

Who can sign up to receive Digital Champions training?

  • Champion training is intended for individuals who are keen to support basic learners to use digital tools for the first time.
  • A champion is required to be confident, patience and kind but does not require someone to know everything there is to know about technology.
  • A champion should have tenacity to find a way to fix common issues by using search engines such as Google or other sites such as You Tube.
  • Training consists of three online sessions.

How do I sign up to be a Digital Champion?

Please register via


What are the dates for Digital Champions training?

To review the dates visit

Where will the Digital Champions training be delivered?


What is the Community Course training?

  • Our community course is aimed at people in the community who have received a device or would like to gain basic digital skills.
  • The course is available face to face in local Greenwich venues or through Zoom.
  • There will be over ten dates to choose from and we are currently looking for venues to host them.
  • The course is for people who have no, or limited, skills and want to know more.
  • Following the course, learners will have access to handouts, instruction videos, computer based training and a digital champion.

How do users sign up for the Community Course training?

Register an expression of interest for learners wishing to attend a community course at:


When does the Community Course training begin?

This type of training can commence mid October, however this is subject to venue availability.

If you have space to host Community Course face-to-face training we'd like to hear from you!

How can I support with space for training?

Digital Champion training is underway, but in order to host in-person training we need local venues.

A venue would need to be accessible to all and contain:

  • Tables and chairs for participants
  • Wifi
  • Access to power sockets
  • (Desired) access PCs/ Laptops or Tablets
  • (Desired) access to a breakout space where refreshments could be made
  • (Desired) access to a hearing loop
  • (Desired) access to a projector

Seeds For Change has created a great guide about accessible venues:

Please email if you are able to help.