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Your parking permit when you change vehicle

If you change your vehicle, you can transfer your parking permit to the new vehicle.

Before you apply to transfer

When you change your vehicle (or intend to), contact Parking Services immediately to let us know.

If your permit is specific to a single vehicle, you'll be asked to scratch off the panel with the words "Not Valid if Removed". This will show the words "Temporary Valid for 14 days". Then display this permit in the new vehicle.

If your permit displays two registration numbers, you'll need to send in your original permit before we can process a change of vehicle request.

How to apply to transfer your permit

After you've called us, return the completed change of vehicle form to the address stated in the form within seven days. You'll need to include a photocopy of your new vehicle registration documents or insurance cover note for the new car. If you do not apply to transfer, a penalty charge may be issued to your vehicle.

There are different forms for residents and businesses - use the correct form:

If your existing resident parking permit is due for renewal, you may renew your resident parking permit instead. Include details and evidence of the new vehicle when you do this.

After you apply

We'll send you a new permit free of charge with the same expiry date as for your old permit. When you receive this you should immediately return the old permit. (If you do not return the old permit, your new permit may be cancelled). If you have not sold your old vehicle, you must make other parking arrangements or display visitor vouchers.