Households in England in council tax bands A to D will get a £150 council tax rebate from April 2022. 

We will pay the money directly to households within the borough, each household will get one payment of £150.  

You will be eligible for the payment if your property is in bands A to D, even if you:  

  • pay a reduced amount of council tax 
  • do not pay council tax because you get Council Tax Support  
  • get the Single Person Discount 
  • are behind with your council tax payments, known as being 'in arrears' 

You may also get the payment if you:

  • live in a home occupied only by full time students
  • live in a home occupied only by people under the age of 18
  • live in a home occupied only by one or more adults who have a severe mental impairment
  • are a dependent relative living in an annex of your family home

Military families 

The Ministry of Defence will contact families in military housing in the borough about their rebate. 

Who will not get the rebate 

You will not get the rebate if: 

  • your property is a second home 
  • your property is empty 
  • you are registered for council tax as the landlord of a house in multiple occupation (HMO)

If you live in an HMO and you pay energy bills, you may be able to get help through the Emergency Support Scheme.