What is CURB?

CURB (Connect, Unite, Resist, Begin), is a pioneering national initiative that has been established to take positive action to prevent children from becoming victims or perpetrators of youth crime, or becoming involved with gangs from a young age.

Developed by several expert organisations and individuals, CURB is designed to identify potentially negative influences on young people and intervene early to enable young people to live positive lives, free from violence, child exploitation, criminal offending and involvement in gangs.

How CURB works

Initially, the Royal Greenwich CURB team will be working with year five pupils (ages 9 to 10) in 27 schools across the borough.

The first stage of the assessment will involve all year 5 pupils being screened with the 'My CURB questionnaire'. Each questionnaire will be reviewed by our team of experts and only selected children will go on to the next stage.

Those selected will participate in the St Giles SOS+ Group programme, which is a well-established specialist course that has been developed to educate young people about how easy it can be to take the wrong path. It is designed to help them build resilience against negative influences and give them courage to make positive choices as they continue to grow.

Following this course, our CURB team will work with St Giles to identify children and families who would benefit from bespoke intervention packages and further support from us to ensure a permanent positive change.

What is St Giles SOS+?

The St Giles SOS+ programme exists to prevent young people, from all backgrounds, from becoming exploited and involved in crime and serious youth violence. It is led by professionals with lived experience of being involved in gangs, and group offending, who talk directly with children about the realities of:

  • getting involved in gangs
  • youth violence and crime
  • being exploited
  • the impact on communities.

When working with the selected children, the SOS+ caseworker will identify risk factors during tailor-made group sessions and informal discussions.

The risk factors explored include:

  • changes in behaviour
  • attainment
  • attendance
  • signs of neglect
  • domestic violence
  • criminality.

SOS+ is about breaking misconceptions, engaging children with scenarios they can identify with, and imparting real tools that they can utilise in order to avoid and exit the risky situations identified above.

Individually tailored modules of the SOS+ course cover:

  • knife crime
  • realities of prison
  • sexual exploitation
  • impact on victims.

All sessions are age-appropriate for children in years 4 to 5 and are engaging and interactive. The staff team are all experienced practitioners and are able to offer appropriate support.

The CURB team will then work with St Giles to identify 150 children and their families who will be offered bespoke intervention packages.