NQT induction support programme

Royal Greenwich has developed an extensive centralised programme for primary and secondary newly qualified teachers (NQTs), designed to complement personalised induction programmes provided in school.

We ensure the statutory requirements are not only met, but exceeded, to ensure a positive and rewarding experience for all involved.

The NQT induction support programme is an individualised programme of support, monitoring and guidance.

It can only begin once QTS (qualified teacher status) has been awarded, meaning all skills tests, as well as the teacher training programme, must have been completed.

The induction period must be equal to one academic year, or pro-rata if part time.

NQT induction guidance

The Department for Education handles for the statutory arrangements for NQT induction.

Schools must assign an induction tutor to NQTs. They will provide guidance and effective, individualised support, and are likely to undertake most of the observations necessary to check progress and write assessment reports.

Annual reception

NQTs will be invited to the annual welcome reception, held in Royal Greenwich. This gives NQTs the chance to meet key members of staff who will be involved in their induction year.

Following this, the central primary programme covers a huge range of topics to support NQTs, such as behaviour for learning, assessment for learning and educational inclusion and is held over 10 sessions.

The centralised secondary programme runs differently, as secondary schools are better suited to run individualised programmes.

There are fewer centralised sessions for all to attend, but behaviour for learning and tackling under-performance are offered.

All NQTs are invited to attend the annual NQT conference.