Dog Control Orders in Royal Greenwich

The Royal Borough of Greenwich introduced Dog Control Orders in November 2009 to tackle anti-social behaviour caused by irresponsible dog owners and reduce incidents and accidents involving dogs.

The rules:

  • dogs are not allowed where there are 'No Dogs Allowed' signs
  • in all other open-air public places throughout the borough, you should not have more than four dogs under your control
  • you are required to clean up after your dogs
  • you need to keep your dogs on a lead unless you are in one of the Royal Borough's 'dog friendly' parks and open spaces in the borough
  • in 'dog friendly' parks and open spaces you may be asked to put your dog on a lead by an authorised officer.


Certain people with disabilities are exempt from some Dog Control Orders. Professional dog walkers are NOT exempt from Dog Control Orders.

Report a breach

If you witness a breach of Dog Control Orders, or if you encounter a dog behaving aggressively, report it immediately to the Dog Control team.

Enforcing the Orders

The whole of the Royal Borough of Greenwich is subject to Dog Control Orders. Dog control officers are trained and authorised to serve on-the-spot fines and give evidence in court if necessary.

If you breach a Dog Control Order, you could be:

  • Issued with a fixed-penalty notice (also known as on-the-spot fine) of £75
  • prosecuted at a magistrates' court, where you can be fined up to £1,000, plus court costs.

We can issue fixed penalty notices:

  • directly on the person at the scene of the incident
  • directly on the person at his or her home, or at another location, after the incident
  • by post to the person responsible.

Use of signs and pavement stencils

To remind people about Dog Control Orders, the Royal Borough has put up signs throughout the borough including parks, children's playgrounds, roads, paths and housing estates.

We will also use pavement stencils where we receive complaints about dog fouling.