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What is ReSET?

Tackling serious youth violence and the exploitation of children and young people is one of our top priorities.  

To tackle these risks, we have set up the Reduction in Serious Youth Violence and Exploitation Team (ReSET), a multi-agency team made up of specialists including youth workers, youth offending workers, health workers, education workers and police officers.

Together, we work with families to reduce the risk of youth violence and exploitation. ReSET also works with the community and schools to tackle these issues. 

Our goal is to keep children, young people and the public safe.

How ReSET works?

ReSET works directly and indirectly with children and young people aged 10 to 25 who are experiencing, or at risk of, serious youth violence and exploitation.

Being a multi-agency team means we can work more effectively and collaboratively, by bringing together our knowledge, skills and resources. It also means that children, young people and their families have access to a range of specialist services under one roof.

We have adopted a relationship-based practice, which is about creating positive and protective relationships with children, young people and their families, building on strengths and aspirations.

We are also using a contextual safeguarding approach that looks at the important circumstances in young people’s lives, such as their friendships and where they spend their time, many of which have a crucial influence on their safety and vulnerability.

Contact ReSET

Referrals to ReSET are usually made by professionals.

If you have a safeguarding concern or wish to refer a child under 18 to ReSET, you should contact the Children’s Services Front Door on 020 8921 3172 or email

If you would like advice and guidance on tackling exploitation and serious youth violence, or would like to find out how ReSET could help a young person over 18, who is affected by serious youth violence and/or exploitation, please contact us.

Contact ReSET