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If you think you may be homeless after discharge from the forces, contact the Housing Inclusion Service. You'll need to provide details of any notice of eviction you may have received.

Someone from the Customer Access Team will see you to get further information and offer you advice. The Housing Inclusion Service will need to know the reason for your discharge and if you are likely to be homeless within 56 days. They will also need to know:

  • how long you were in the forces
  • medical information, if applicable
  • how long it's been since you left the forces, if applicable.

Ex-members of the armed forces and anyone being discharged from the army can register with Allocations to be placed on the choice based lettings scheme for a bidding reference number. The Allocations department will request further information from you if required and inform you of your band details once registered.

For more information please contact 020 8921 2941 or email

If you think you may become street homeless

If you think you will become street homeless you should come to see us. You can also contact the Royal British Legion who might be able to offer help and further advice.

We can advise you on accessing the private accommodation sector and offer the HACTRAC rent deposit bond scheme.

Other useful websites include: