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Get help with housing disputes

Mediation services provide a way for people to sort out their differences without anyone having to leave home. If you are staying with friends or relatives and have been asked to leave, or if you have been asked to leave by your partner, mediation may help you resolve the problem.

During mediation sessions, family members explain their concerns and needs to each other in the presence of an independent mediator.

The mediator helps both parties to talk honestly with each other to help resolve their problems and to reach an agreement without taking sides. It might at least allow everyone to stay together long enough for alternative, planned arrangements to be made.

Young people

If you are between 16 and 18 years old and approach the Royal Borough of Greenwich for help with housing because you are not getting on with your parents or carers, we will refer you to a mediation service.

It is usual for young people and their parents or carers not to see eye to eye all the time, but sometimes the situation can get out of hand. If this is the case and you and your parents or carers can't sort out the problems, meeting with an independent mediator might help.

  • The mediator won't make judgments about who is right or wrong, or tell anyone what to do.
  • The role of the mediator is to encourage you to talk each other about the problems so you can all decide what needs to change to improve things at home.

Even if mediation does not lead to you being able to live together in the long term, it can help you to get back on good terms with your parents or carers and to allow you time to sort out a planned move later on.

Violence or abuse

Mediation will not usually be appropriate if someone in your home has been violent or abusive towards you. If this is the case, tell the Housing Inclusion officer about this before they contact your parents, carers or family.