1st Base Housing Inclusion

If you're aged 16 or 17 and need help with your housing, you should contact 1st Base housing support at The Point.

You can also drop into The Point at any time from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, but you may have to wait to be seen if you don't have an appointment.

If you're aged 18 to 25 and need help with your housing, contact the Housing Inclusion Service at the Woolwich Centre.

How 1st Base can help

1st Base aims to help young people to stay safely at home wherever possible and to prevent them from becoming homeless.

When you contact 1st Base for help with housing, you'll be asked to fill in an assessment form.

The 1st Base housing inclusion officer will then talk to you about your housing situation, any problems at home and about what help they can provide.

They may help you to make emergency arrangements or to return home with a support plan in place.

Things that 1st Base can help you with include:

  • dealing with problems and arguments that are making life difficult for you at home
  • managing money, claiming benefits and developing budgeting skills
  • registering with a doctor or getting help from substance misuse and counselling services
  • understanding education, training or work opportunities.

If you can't return home or have no home to return to, 1st Base will look at other options with you. If you're under 18, this includes assessing whether you're classed as a 'child in need', in which case you could become looked after by the children's services department. The assessment takes into account your needs and wishes for the future.

If you're provided with accommodation by 1st Base or by children's services, it'll be in foster care, supported housing or supported lodgings.

Please note - Council tenancies are never offered to a young person aged 16 to 17 who is homeless. You can join the council's housing register at 16, but will need to wait until you reach 18 before bidding for housing.

Help for young people over 18

Depending on your circumstances, you might be offered help with securing private rented housing or supported housing. The housing benefit regulations restrict the amount of money that 18 to 25 year olds can claim towards their rent so your options will usually be limited to finding a room in shared housing.

Contact the Housing Inclusion Service for more information on support for over 18s. Call 020 8921 2863 (out of hours 020 8854 8888) or email housing-inclusion@royalgreenwich.gov.uk.