At risk of eviction?

If you are at risk of eviction and you have no alternative accommodation – please contact us as soon as possible as we may be able to help you to find private rented accommodation, or we may be able to negotiate with your landlord.

My landlord has issued me a notice or asked me to leave my home, what should I do?  

If you are an assured shorthold tenant, your landlord cannot: 

  • make you leave without giving you the appropriate notice 

  • when the notice expires, your landlord must go to court to get a court order 

  • you still do not have to leave the property after the court order expires 

  • your landlord will have to return to court to get a bailiff warrant before they can evict you 

What can the housing inclusion service do? 

  • negotiate with your landlord to try and sustain the tenancy 

  • we may be able to help you find yourself new private rented accommodation 

It is important to note that even if your landlord has given you what they call a 'licence' agreement, you may still have tenant rights depending on your living arrangements at the property.  

Please get in touch with the Council for further advice on this matter. 

What if my landlord is pressurising me to leave? 

You have the right to stay in your home until your landlord issues you a full and proper notice

It is illegal for your landlord to do any of the following: 

  • harass you: e.g., by turning off the gas/electricity/water, gaining access without reasonable notice or at unreasonable times 
  • lock you out of your home, even temporarily 
  • make you leave without a court order 

Further help 

If you need further legal advice and representation in tenancy matters, then don't hesitate to contact Greenwich Housing Rights on 020 8854 8848 or email

You can also contact Citizens Advice, they can help with a wide range of problems, including debt, housing, benefits, employment, family issues, discrimination, consumer complaints and more. They can be contacted on 080 8278 7965.

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