Leaving prison

Leaving Prison?

If you have been released from prison and are now homeless or are due to be released from prison and facing the threat of becoming homeless, you may want to seek advice and support from the Council.

The Council will contact agencies such as the National Probation Service, community rehabilitation company, the Police or the local youth offending team to discuss what support you might need to find and keep somewhere to live.

They will also discuss any restrictions or license conditions on where you can live. You can apply to any council for help. Still, it's usually best to apply to an area where you have a local connection. Being in prison in an area doesn't count as a local connection. If you apply to an area where you don't have a connection, the council may refer you to an area where you do have a local connection.

You need a suitable address to stay at before you can be released on bail or home detention curfew (an electronic tag). If you cannot live at your usual address, court or prison staff may refer you to the Bail Accommodation Support Scheme (BASS).

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