Alarms, sprinklers and security gates

Fire alarms are not mandatory in high-rise residential buildings, and none of our high-rise buildings have one in the common/communal areas. This is because an alarm sounding is likely to trigger an evacuation, putting residents at greater risk.

Smoke alarms

We fit smoke alarms whenever a property becomes void or there is a change of tenancy. If an alarm is already fitted, we test it again to make sure it's working.

Smoke alarms are fitted in:

  • Houses and maisonettes - on each floor
  • Flats - in the hallway.

If you're a council tenant and don't have a working smoke alarm, call 020 8921 8900 and we'll arrange to fit one free of charge.

Sprinkler systems

Under the building regulations in England and Wales, new residential blocks over 30m high must be fitted with sprinklers to meet Approved Document B Standards.

It's not mandatory to retro-fit sprinkler systems to existing buildings of this type, nor has the London Fire Brigade recommended to us that this should take place.

We'll act upon any revised guidance issued following the Grenfell Tower investigation.

Security gates or grilles

We'll remove security gates and grilles and dispose of them free of charge. Contact the Fire Safety hotline on 020 8921 6383 and we'll arrange to remove them.