Housing repairs you need to pay for

In some circumstances we may charge you for council housing repairs if the damage was caused by your misuse or neglect. For example, if you lose your key or break fixtures and fittings such as windows. These are called rechargeable repairs.

Our charges are based on a fixed price list. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, you must pay for the work before we arrange the repair. If we agree that your circumstances are exceptional, we will carry out the work and send you a bill for the repair once the work is complete.

Households with no one aged between 16 and 65 years of age do not have to pay in advance for rechargeable repairs. If you want us to, we will carry out the repair and send you a bill once the work has been completed.

Doing housing repairs yourself

You may also carry out repairs yourself or arrange for them to be done and pay for them yourself. In these cases you must take reasonable health and safety precautions so you do not put yourself or anyone else in danger. If you do the work yourself, we may inspect the standard of the work.

If you want to make alterations or improvements to your home, you must ask our permission first.

Electrical work should only ever be done by someone competent. Any fitting or replacement work in kitchen or bathrooms must comply with Part P of the Building Regulations and must be done by a qualified electrician who issues a certificate to say that the work is safe.

The fitting, alteration or removing of gas appliances or pipework may only be carried out by a Gas Safe-registered person.

Is my council housing repair rechargeable?

Check the housing repairs handbook if you are not sure if your repair is rechargeable.