What we collect

Here is an example of items we collect for a fixed fee of £10.30. Items that come together – such as a sofa set or table and chairs – are considered one item.

  • domestic household boilers
  • beds and mattresses
  • doors
  • fencing - £10.30 per panel
  • fridges and freezers (empty)
  • sofas
  • tables and chairs
  • TVs
  • washing machines
  • vacuum cleaners

Items which need to be bagged (so that one person can carry it easily) - £2.50 per bag, minimum charge of £10.30 - a maximum of 10 bags can be booked for collection:

  • carpet (cut up)
  • rubble
  • soil
  • tiles

Items we collect on quotation:

  • fitted kitchen and bathroom suites
  • large logs and tree trunks
  • sheds
  • wood

We don't collect household chemicals and paint. You'll need to use the hazardous waste collection service.

For more advice, please call 020 8921 4661.