Become a householder with CAYSH supported lodgings

Become a householder with CAYSH supported lodgings

CAYSH is recruiting  'householders' (also known as hosts) to provide temporary accommodation for vulnerable young people aged between 16 and 21, in Royal Greenwich and the surrounding areas. 

CAYSH is a registered charity that has been supporting young people with housing needs for over 40 years. 

Full training and support available

You would help a young person in need, providing a stable home environment and help them to develop the life skills they need for a move to more independent accommodation.

You will receive full training and ongoing support, plus guaranteed weekly payments for rent and support. There is also peer support available, and regular opportunities to meet with experienced householders to develop and share ideas. 

CAYSH provides 24-hour advice and support 365 days a year to householders.

How to apply to become a householder

To apply, view the become a householder page on the CAYSH website.

For further information on supported lodgings, please visit the CAYSH website.