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COVID-19 recruitment

Vaccination recruitment drive  

Greenwich Local Labour and Business (GLLaB), the Council’s employment support service that matches local people with training and job opportunities, is identifying experienced clinical health care and support staff to deliver the COVID-19 vaccination programme.  

GLLaB has teamed up with London South East Colleges (LSEC) and Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust to provide a high-quality pipeline of candidates ready for the NHS recruitment process. To date GLLaB has screened and submitted 138 candidates to LSEC to undertake the intensive pre-employment training. Including those referred via other routes, there are a total of 277 people who have started training.  

Support roles do not require previous healthcare experience, but candidates must be able to communicate relevant information to patients, with empathy and reassurance. Roles in band 5 and 6 require experienced healthcare professionals. 

Available roles

  • COVID Programme Admin Support (band 3)
  • Seasonal Flu and Pandemic Immuniser (band 4)
  • COVID Immuniser – (band 5)
  • Clinical Supervisor (band 6)

To apply please contact GLLaB today.