COVID-19 update

This project has been paused due to COVID-19. We hope to bring the project back later in the year to offer more people the opportunity to hire an electric bike.

What are electric bikes?

Electric bikes, or e-bikes are pedal-assisted to give you a boost up hills or when starting off from junctions. They offer pedal assistance up to 15.5mph.

They’re a great way to return to cycling if you haven’t cycled for a while, or if you have health conditions that make riding a regular bike difficult. You still get the exercise benefits of riding a regular bicycle, and Norwegian research shows that you are physically exerting yourself for 95% of your journey on an e-bike.

The battery that powers the motor lasts for between 50 and 80 miles, depending on battery usage, and recharges at the mains like any other battery.

On average, the cost of recharging works out at less than 15p per charge, about half as much as it costs to do a load of laundry at 40 degrees. 

Hire an e-bike in Royal Greenwich

E-Z Cycle is the Council’s e-bike loan scheme available to anyone who lives, works or studies in Royal Greenwich aged 18 or over. It costs £10 for a month which covers insurance costs.

E-bikes can be rented from two locations within the borough and you’ll get training from Cycle Confident, the borough’s cycle training provider.

The instructors will show you how the bike works, give you the equipment you’ll need, and teach you some basic bike-handling skills in a safe environment. Afterwards you can get up to four hours of free cycle skills training outside of the E-Z Cycle scheme. 

Collection and training sessions take place on the second Sunday of each month, 1pm to 4pm, at Charlton Athletic FC Stadium, The Valley, Floyd Rd, London SE7 8LQ. 

We hope to update this page with dates of upcoming session later in the year.

Book an e-bike with E-Z Cycle

Returning your e-bike

After one month, you'll need to return your bike and all the equipment to The Valley between 10am and 12.30pm. For example, if you borrow a bike on 11 October, you'll need to return it on 8 November.

You can only borrow an e-bike once through this scheme, but you’ll get the option to buy your own e-bike at a discounted rate after you return the bike and all the equipment at the end of your loan.

If something goes wrong

If there's a minor issue with the e-bike during your loan period, such as brakes rubbing or a puncture, you can take it along to one of our public Dr Bike sessions to be checked out free of charge.

If there's a bigger problem that cannot be fixed easily, please get in touch with Charlton Athletic Community Trust, who will try and swap your e-bike for another one, subject to availability.

You must not, under any circumstances, attempt any repairs to an e-bike yourself.

E-Z Cycle is part of the Sharing Cities programme and the Mayor of London’s Air Quality Fund, and is being delivered on behalf of the Royal Borough of Greenwich by Charlton Athletic Community Trust (CACT).

Contact us

If you have any questions about the E-Z Cycle loan scheme, or e-bikes in general, please get in touch:  

020 8921 2102