Illegal waste carrier fined £1,665 and has vehicle seized

Published Wednesday, 15 February 2017

An illegal waste carrier has been fined £1,665 and had his vehicle confiscated by the Royal Borough of Greenwich Enforcement Team.

On Wednesday 25 January 2017, Police Officers from the Greenwich West Safer Neighbourhoods Team visited an unauthorised encampment by members of the travelling community in Greenwich High Road on the site of 'Bookers Cash and Carry'. Police officers noticed a Ford tipper truck fully loaded with waste parked on Greenwich High Road.

The vehicle was inspected by the Metropolitan Police, who immediately informed the Council's Enviro-Crime Enforcement team. Checks were rapidly conducted and revealed that the vehicle was not taxed and had no valid MOT. Further checks showed that the driver of the vehicle had no valid Waste Carriers Licence and no transfer notes for the waste in the vehicle.

Officers believed that the driver had been operating in Charlton for some time. The suspect was interviewed on 13 February and admitted to the offences put to him. The offender was fined £300 for failure to produce authority to transport waste and a further £300 for failure to produce transfer notes for the waste on board. In addition to this, the offender agreed to pay a sum of £1065 towards other costs incurred by the Council as a result of this investigation.

Councillor Jackie Smith, Cabinet Member for Community and Environment, said: "This is a high profile seizure which represents our unwavering commitment to not just catching fly-tippers but also robustly enforcing against them to ensure that they never do it again. As with so many of these cases, the eyes and ears of our partners in the community have been pivotal in helping us to take swift action to confiscate the vehicle.

"I encourage residents who have any information about a suspected fly-tipper to get in touch with us and let us investigate. All information you provide will be treated with strictest confidence."

Borough Commander Simon Dobinson added: "This is a great example of partnership working with Royal Greenwich to stop illegal waste vehicles from operating in the borough. I am proud of the Safer Neighbourhood Team's rapid action in this case and close collaboration with Royal Greenwich officers to deliver such a very positive outcome."

If you have intelligence on suspected fly tippers, please email

All information you provide will be treated confidentially. If you would like to report a fly tip for removal, please do so through:


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For more information and pictures, please contact or call 020 8921 6262.

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