Summer activities for young people in the Royal Borough

Published Wednesday, 27 July 2016

With the school summer holidays under way, there's plenty for young people to do with Futureversity.

There are a range of activities on offer, funded by the Royal Borough in partnership with charity Futureversity and designed to bridge the skills gap through unique soft skills training for young people during the summer holidays.

There are free courses ranging from introductions to working in ecology or law, to skills for life that include cookery and food hygiene, money management or first aid. Also on offer are courses in photography (including wildlife), film-making, the performing arts and DJing, building your own app and graphic design.

As well as all those and more, there is also a huge range of sporting activities from football to rock climbing and self-defence.

Councillor Miranda Williams, Cabinet Member for Children and Young People, said: "The summer holidays can become quite boring after a while unless you have something fun to do. Futureversity's programme of activities, where young people can learn a new skill, develop a hobby or be inspired to think about a different career, is creative, fun and, we hope, empowering. There's so much to do - why not take a look and see what's on offer. You never know, you might just be inspired to become a wildlife photographer or the next Jamie Oliver or Tinie Tempah!"

Futureversity Chief Executive, Michele McKendry said: "All young people have the potential to be extraordinary if only they're offered the means and tools to reach that potential. School timetables are very busy and so we believe that making better use of the 25 per cent of the time that young people spend outside of school is the best solution."

Courses start on 26 July 2016 and take place at locations right across the Royal Borough, although some are located outside the borough where the course provider is located, with course length ranging from a day to a week.

All the courses are free and are for 10 to 19 year olds and for people up to 25 years with disabilities. Call Futureversity on 020 7247 7900 to discuss any specific needs before you book.

How to sign up

  1. Go to and pick a course - make sure to note the course code and location on the map
  2. Enrol online - fill out the application form on the website or call the Futureversity team on 020 7247 7900
  3. You will be advised in due course on confirmation of your place
  4. Have fun and learn stuff!


Notes to editors:

Futureversity harnesses its own experience alongside the use of external research to extol the benefits of focused non-formal learning interventions during school holiday periods in general, but specifically for young people who are pre-disposed to becoming NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training). The shifting sand dunes of the economic landscape combined with the learning from the multiplicity of providers they’ve been working with has demonstrated the importance of working collaboratively with businesses.

Businesses that have partnered with Futureversity and provide training include Jamie Oliver's Fifteen Kitchen and Goldman Sachs in the City of London. Innovative and fun skills training courses include Building an App, Smart Phone Photography, Chef in a Day at Jamie Oliver's Fifteen, learning to be a DJ and the basics of parkour to name but a few.

Futureversity's mission is to open doors for young people through unconventional learning and innovative partnerships by offering an annual programme of free, high quality taster courses and activities, responding to local skills and needs of young people, and promoting personal development through informal learning.

For more information about Futureversity and to see the range of courses on offer for young people in Greenwich go to

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