Westcombe Park residents to be given noise reduction barriers

Published Friday, 27 November 2015

Residents whose homes back onto the busy A102 Blackwall Tunnel southern approach road are to have noise reduction fencing fitted at the end of their gardens.

The fencing will be fitted for residents in Siebert Road and Westcombe Hill in the Westcombe Park area, after the Royal Borough's campaign to have them installed.

When the road was built, properties that back onto it weren't provided with fences to protect them from traffic noise, due to different standards in force at the time. Residents have long complained about the exceptional traffic noise levels that they experience in their homes.

The residents and the Council have been pressing Transport for London, who now manages the road, for noise barriers for a number of years. Recently the Council redoubled its pressure on Transport for London, with talks held between the Council leadership and senior Transport for London management, which resulted in Transport for London conducting feasibility studies to look at installing some kind of sound-proofing system.

Last week Transport for London announced that although there was no requirement to provide noise barriers, they will provide them as part of the Silvertown Tunnel project, if and when the project gets its approval - at a cost of nearly £1million.

This new development is good news for the residents, although it will still be dependent on approval of Transport for London's Silvertown tunnel plans.

Councillor Danny Thorpe, Cabinet member for Regeneration and Transport, said: "I am very pleased that Transport for London has responded to council pressure after all this time. A million pounds is a large and welcome investment but the residents have been suffering from noise from one of London's busiest roads for too long. We now need to convince Transport for London to separate the issue from decisions on the Silvertown Tunnel and install the barrier as the earliest opportunity."


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