London's biggest development at Greenwich Peninsula approved

Published Wednesday, 09 September 2015

Go-ahead on the landmark application will create 13,000 new homes and 12,000 jobs.

The Royal Borough of Greenwich Planning Board has approved a landmark planning application for one of the largest new developments in London. 

At a meeting on Tuesday 8 September 2015 the board granted outline planning permission to developers Knight Dragon for a development including 13,000 new homes, two new schools, a new North Greenwich transport hub, new community and health facilities and a new 40,000-square-metre film studio.

Peninsula regeneration

The development will create 13,000 new homes and more than 12,000 new jobs. The decision, subject to agreement by the Mayor of London, gives the go-ahead for:

  • 13,000 new homes, bringing a total of nearly 16,000 new homes, of which almost 4,000 are affordable, to the Peninsula
  • the demolition and complete rebuild of the North Greenwich tube and bus station allowing for more bus capacity
  • a new 40,000-square-metre film studio creating 1,500 new jobs
  • 60,000 square metres of new business space
  • 24,000 square metres of new retail/food/drink space
  • one or potentially two new hotels
  • two new schools (one primary, one 'through school')
  • a new 20,000-square-metre visitor attraction
  • a new ferry jetty terminal
  • a new 5-kilometre running track around the whole site
  • new healthcare facility
  • the expansion of Ravensbourne.

Full details of the Peninsula decision from the 8 September 2015 Planning Board meeting

Community benefits

Agreement of the planning application also secures £110-£115 million funding for community benefits through the Section 106 agreement and the Community Infrastructure Levy.

Opportunity area

The site at Greenwich Peninsula is one of significant importance to London as a whole. It was identified in the London Plan as an opportunity area capable of delivering considerable numbers of new homes and jobs.

Exciting new destination 

Across the River Thames from Canary Wharf, in just a few short years Greenwich Peninsula has been transformed from what was a decommissioned gas works to one of London's most exciting new destinations. 

It's already home to:

  • the world's most successful entertainment venue, The O2 Arena
  • thousands of new homes
  • a new luxury hotel
  • the world-renowned Ravensbourne digital college.

Permission has also recently been granted for London's first cruise terminal to be based at Greenwich Peninsula.

Significant consultation 

The new outline planning approval gives the green light for continued significant regeneration to move forward. Significant and lengthy consultation was carried out as part of the planning process with the views and opinions put forward being fully considered.

'Whole new district for London' 

Councillor Denise Hyland, Leader of the Royal Borough of Greenwich said:

"This is an historic day for Greenwich Peninsula and without doubt, this is one of the most exciting developments in London - of great significance to the capital as a whole, as well as to our borough. This scheme will bring the long-term regeneration of Greenwich Peninsula to fruition, cementing what is a whole new district for London providing housing and jobs for tens of thousands of people and landmark new facilities and buildings.

"I know there are very real concerns about the scale of this development and those have been fully considered during the decision making process. The board felt that the plans are right for the area and for London as a whole, providing so many new homes at a time of a critical shortage in London. Yes, some of the buildings are tall, but these are mainly situated to the north just opposite Canary Wharf with towers that will dwarf the Peninsula structures. It is also important that where a large number of new buildings are proposed the infrastructure and layout is right and we feel this development will deliver a hugely enhanced environment."

'Ambitious vision' 

Councillor Danny Thorpe, Royal Borough of Greenwich Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Transport said:

"There are so many different strands to this development masterplan - all of which make a huge contribution to the regeneration of the borough as a whole. Greenwich Peninsula is one of the council's significant growth and regeneration areas and the benefits of this far-reaching development will filter across the borough and London as a whole. This is an ambitious vision for an extremely exciting site which not only delivers thousands of new homes but two new schools and a reworked transport hub - the infrastructure as a whole at the Peninsula will be vastly improved and we've secured funding to make it work for the larger numbers of people who will live at the Peninsula. It's one of London’s leading destinations in an extremely attractive location on the River. The council has long held a vision to make the most of the huge potential offered by the Peninsula and it's brilliant that this paves the way for that potential to be fully realised. It brings what regeneration should - new homes and facilities for local people, thousands of new jobs, and it puts to excellent use a large site which until a few years ago was empty contaminated land."

Jobs for local people 

Councillor Sizwe James, Royal Borough of Greenwich Cabinet Member for Business, Employment and Skills said:

"This development brings with it huge opportunities for the people of this borough. This application alone will bring in the region of 12,000 new jobs to the Peninsula, both during the construction phase and when the development is finished. Through the borough's own jobs service, Greenwich Local Labour and Business, we will work to ensure that as many of these jobs as possible go to local people.

"This development will have a significant impact on employment levels in the borough, such is its scale and this is great news for the borough as a whole."

'Good levels of affordable housing'

Councillor Chris Kirby, Royal Borough of Greenwich Cabinet Member for Housing said:

"We believe this is the biggest new housing development in a single application in the whole of London - 13,000 new homes which will ultimately help see a total of 16,000 new homes built at Greenwich Peninsula overall. That's a huge number and is of great importance to London, given that the acute shortage of housing is arguably the biggest issue facing London at the moment.

"It's hard for all local authorities to secure good levels of affordable housing but we're proud that with this development we are seeing almost 4,000 genuinely affordable homes coming to the Peninsula. We already provide the seventh highest rate of affordable homes in London as a borough, and importantly, where other areas set their affordable rates at up to 80 per cent of market value, our policy is to negotiate rates at target rent - of more like 50 per cent market value, meaning here in Greenwich we really are delivering a significant volume of realistically priced homes at genuinely affordable rates. Importantly too - this is the minimum number of affordable units that will be built at the Peninsula - we will continue to review and press for the absolute maximum number of affordable homes to be built as the development progresses."