Extra spraying to combat weeds in Royal Greenwich

Published Monday, 23 April 2018

Royal Greenwich has increased its borough-wide weed spraying programme from three to four times a year.

The first round of weed spraying began on 3 April and, weather permitting, will be completed by the end of this month.

Further rounds of spraying will also take place in June, August and October - helping ensure that unsightly weeds cropping up in pavements and by the side of roads do not become a blight on neighbourhoods.

The action will also boost the ongoing Love Royal Greenwich campaign for the borough to have the cleanest and tidiest streets in London.

Once weeds have been sprayed they take up to a fortnight to gradually wither and die. They will be removed by the Council's street cleaning crews after they have turned brown.

'Working even harder to make a difference'

A spokesperson for the Royal Borough of Greenwich, said: "We are working even harder to ensure pavements and areas by the side of road do not become blighted with overgrown weeds by increasing our weed spraying programme into the autumn.

"Everyone loves to see green open spaces and public areas full of plant life but weeds growing between paving slabs or on the edge of the road just look untidy and can be a hazard."

Spraying may be delayed depending on the weather as work cannot be carried out during periods of rain or strong winds. Pavements also need to be fairly dry for the chemical to be effective.