Royal Greenwich urges people to get behind Foot the Bill campaign

Published Thursday, 28 December 2017

We're asking the Government to stop funding cuts to policing in the Royal Borough.

The Council is flagging up that since 2010 the Royal Borough has lost 168 police officers and 117 Police Community Support Officers (PCSO) due to a £600m cut to the Metropolitan Police's budget.

Further cuts over the next three years

Under the Government's Police grant announced this week the Metropolitan Police will have to make a further £370m in cuts over the next three years unless more funding is received.

Sadiq Khan has launched a consultation on proposals to raise the Council tax for the London Mayor's work to help meet the police funding shortfall.

The Council is highlighting that the policing of the borough would become perilous if further officers were lost as those remaining become too stretched to respond to incidents and keep the streets safe.

Police struggling to prevent rise in crime

It's being highlighted that the dramatic loss of officers has coincided with a period of rising crime across the whole of London including in areas of high concern such as knife and gun crime. The Royal Borough has seen a 8.8 per cent hike in overall offences since 2010.

The loss of 285 officers from the ranks of Greenwich Police comes against the backdrop of an increasing population - which is estimated to swell by more than 14 per cent over the next 10 years.

There are particular concerns as Royal Borough has a number of specific policing challenges as it is home to one of the world's largest entertainment venues The 02, the Blackwall Tunnel and welcomes millions of tourists a year from across the globe.

Call on the government to increase funding

There are three key things the Council is asking the government to do:

  • commit now to no further cuts to the Metropolitan Police
  • increase the government's Police Grant, which makes up two-thirds of police funding nationwide, so the police have the resources they need to keep our streets safe
  • increase the funding that the Met receives for policing a capital city, which it must do on top of its duties to London residents - the government's own Home Office report has said that funding for this is over £100m short.

Email the Home Secretary

Councillor Jackie Smith, Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Environment said: "It's simply shocking that we have lost police officers in a period in which crime has risen and the population of the Royal Borough is growing.

"Greenwich Police do a fantastic job, but any further cuts will leave policing in the borough in a perilous state.

"We'll be writing to the Government to warn them of the impact of inadequate funding for policing. We're also encouraging people to make their voices heard by writing to the Home Secretary so she can hear first-hand how funding cuts are affecting their lives and the safety of our communities."

The Council has created a template email for people to send to the Home Secretary.

Email the Home Secretary

To promote the campaign on social media share with friends and family and use #FootTheBill on Twitter.