Choice-based lettings

Greenwich Homes

Greenwich Homes is the Royal Borough of Greenwich's choice-based lettings scheme. It allows you to search and bid for a home of your choice.

How it works

We advertise empty council and housing association homes weekly online and in Greenwich Time. There are different types of properties with different tenancy terms, so please check carefully and make sure you can afford the home you choose. More information about the types of properties are available on this page.

New property adverts are published online at 2pm every Wednesday. They expire at midnight on the following Sunday. This means that you have four days to apply. Applications will not be looked at until after the closing date each week.

Each advert shows what kind of customer the property is suitable for. You can then bid for the property of your choice. You can apply for as many properties as you like, but it is important to remember you will only be considered if your household fits the property and you meet any conditions shown in the advert.

Registration and results 

To participate in the Greenwich Homes scheme you must be on the Royal Borough's housing register. When you have registered you will be sent a registration number, and you can then start searching for a suitable property.

Each set of advertisements is given an edition number. You can check the results of each set of advertisements online.

Affordable housing

Besides council homes and housing association properties that are rented at significantly lower than full market rents, you will also see some housing association properties advertised for higher rents, up to 80 per cent of the market rent.

These properties are marked as 'Affordable Housing' when advertised in Greenwich Homes.  

Affordable housing rents are inclusive of the service charge that you will need to pay for the property.

Please note that the Royal Borough will continue to advertise all the homes it owns at the standard rent level. 

Bidding for affordable housing 

You can bid for properties advertised as Affordable Housing in exactly the same way as for other advertised properties.

If you are successful the housing association may want to check you have enough income to pay the higher rent, whether you are working or on benefits. If you are currently a housing association tenant the rent you pay on your present home will not be affected by this change.

Fixed term tenancies

The tenancies for affordable housing and some other housing association properties may now be for a shorter period than the present lifetime tenancies offered by housing associations. The phrase 'Fixed term tenancy' in the adverts will help you identify these properties.

The tenancy details will be explained to you if you are successful when you view the property.