Housing bands

Restrictions on choice-based lettings

Some adverts will show restrictions about who can apply for that property. If there are no restrictions, then anybody can apply.

When you are put on the housing waiting list, you will be put into one of three bands.

Band A

Band A includes people living in unsatisfactory housing, from which they have to move because the property is to be demolished or refurbished.

It also includes tenants who are under-occupying family homes, or living in properties with adaptations they do not need.

Applicants are housed in date order from when they were given Band A priority.

Band B

Band B is for people who have an urgent need to move. This includes people who:

  • have serious medical problems affected by their housing
  • are homeless and in 'priority need' because they have children or are vulnerable
  • are living in a severely overcrowded home
  • are at risk of domestic violence, hate crime or other abuse
  • need housing to move out of hospital, local authority care, supported housing, or other particular types of accommodation
  • are key workers or others with a particular need to live in the borough.

Applicants are housed in date order from when they were given band B priority.

Band C

Band C is for all applicants (including priority cases). It includes people who are homeless but not in priority need because they do not have children, and who are not vulnerable for health or other reasons.

Applicants are housed in date order from when they joined the housing register.

No band restriction

If the advert says there are no band restrictions, it means people in any band can apply.

There are also other restrictions, such as:


Some properties are for those aged over 50 only.

Existing tenants

Some properties are advertised for existing Greenwich Council tenants only.

Number of people

Some adverts state the minimum or maximum number of people allowed in the property.


There may need to be a certain number of children in the household.

The following general rules apply:

  • houses will be allocated to households with children
  • a child means at least one person aged 15 or less
  • expected babies count as a person for this purpose from the sixth month of pregnancy.