Help to prevent arson

There are simple steps you can take to help reduce arson. The best way is to reduce any potential targets:

  • report abandoned vehicles
  • report fly-tips
  • ensure that household rubbish is stored in the correct manner before collection day
  • take care when disposing of bulky household goods.

Your home

To keep your home safe from arson attacks the police recommend that you:

  • make sure all windows and doors have sufficient locks and that they are secure. Close and lock all windows and doors, even if you are just popping out for a few minutes
  • install fireproof metal boxes to the inside of your letterbox, or fit an external post box
  • install fire alarms and extinguishers. Alarms should be checked weekly, fire extinguishers should be replaced each year
  • keep any dangerous or flammable liquids under lock and key. If you have young children, ensure that all matches and lighters are stored in a safe place
  • make sure all rubbish bins, wheelie bins and combustible materials are kept a safe distance from buildings (ideally eight metres). Remember fire spreads quickly and unpredictably
  • remain vigilant to strangers or groups of youths hanging around. If you notice any unusual behaviour, call the police
  • keep all outbuildings, sheds and garages locked to prevent access from intruders
  • install high fences, bushes or walls to make it difficult to gain access to your property
  • lock any windows that can be reached via a flat roof
  • install a burglar alarm to deter intruders from entering your property
  • install sensor security lighting to deter intruders
  • do not leave a spare key hidden anywhere around the property.

Your car

To keep your car safe from arson attacks the police recommend that you:

  • ensure that you lock the doors and close the windows and sunroof to stop anyone getting in, even when your car is on your drive or in a petrol station
  • park in a well-lit area and, if possible, a public place
  • buy additional security, for example a steering lock
  • do not leave any items on the seats in view of possible thieves
  • if possible, remove the radio, cassette or CD player.

Your community

In order to keep your community safe:

  • remain vigilant to strangers or groups of youths hanging around or any unusual behaviour. If in doubt, call the police
  • report abandoned vehicles to the Royal Borough of Greenwich
  • do not dump rubbish in the streets, and report any dumped items to us 
  • report any criminal activity or criminals, in confidence and anonymously, to Crimestoppers
  • share knowledge and raise awareness within your community
  • take pride in your surroundings.

Report an abandoned vehicle

Use this form to notify us of an abandoned vehicle in your area.

Abandoned vehicle reporting form

Report fly-tipping online

Use this online form to alert us to illegally-dumped rubbish.

Fly-tipping reporting form