What is arson?

Arson has become the fastest growing crime in the UK and it is now the main cause of fire.

Each week an average of 2,100 fires are started deliberately.

Arson is the crime of intentionally starting a fire in order to damage or destroy something, especially a building. It can result in damage to property, land or personal possessions. It can also cause financial loss, injury and even loss of life.

Counting the cost

  • Arson attacks cost the UK at least £40 million a week
  • The average cost of a house fire is £21,500
  • The average cost of a vehicle fire is £4,700
  • A fire on open land costs around £1,100
  • Arson also leads to an average of 55 injuries and two deaths across the country per week.

Combating arson

Keeping your property safe and your community tidy can help prevent arson.

If you witness any suspicious behaviour, please report it to the police or Crimestoppers. You do not have to give your name.