Teenage pregnancy

Think you might be pregnant?

If you are sexually active, there is the possibility that you or your partner will become pregnant.

The best way to find out if you are pregnant is to use a pregnancy testing kit. If your test result is positive, go to your doctor who can do a blood test or a pelvic exam to make sure the result is correct.

The early signs of pregnancy might include:

  • missed or unusually short period
  • morning sickness, or any sickness without another illness like the flu or upset stomach - it doesn't necessarily just happen in the morning)
  • breast soreness
  • bloating - some women become bloated almost immediately, in a similar way to the time around your period.

Where can I go for help?

You can contact our Teenage Pregnancy team for more information. We will help you with your questions and concerns and direct you to the local pharmacies that provide emergency contraception (the morning-after pill).

The sooner that you contact us for information about these services, the better. Remember, having a child means a lifelong commitment to someone who will need your care and support.

You will also find information about teenage pregnancy help on the Family Planning Association website.