Apply to alter a street name or address

How to apply for street naming and numbering

If you would like to introduce a new street name, or wish to change an existing name or number, you must, by law, make an application to us for approval prior to using it.

Consultation is essential

The approval is a lengthy procedure that can take up to six months to complete. It is therefore advisable to consult our officers at the earliest possible stage of a proposal, preferably when building work starts, and before a name has been marketed.

How to apply

If you would like to apply for a new name, or to change an existing name, download the street naming and numbering application pack.

In the application pack, you will find guidance notes, a fee list and an application form. You can also apply online.

If you prefer, you can contact the Street Naming and Numbering team by telephone or email to request a pack.

Notice of Intention

In the case of renaming or renumbering only, if there are no objections from the emergency services, a Notice of Intention is posted at the site for one month, or sent to local residents to allow them the opportunity to raise objections.

Approved names

Once a name has been approved, a statutory order, officially assigning the name, is issued. You may download the Approved Names List from the website, which includes the full list of names approved for use on streets or buildings in each area of the borough.

Download the Approved Names List


The Royal Borough of Greenwich is obliged to consider any objections received. If the objections are upheld, the applicant is then invited to agree alternatives with our officers. If no alternatives can be found then the matter is reported to the appropriate council committee.

Marketing new properties

If an application is submitted to us at a late stage and is subsequently rejected, numerous problems can arise, especially if purchasers have bought properties marketed under an unapproved name.

It is therefore advisable to be cautious in the use of names for marketing purposes. It should be pointed out in any literature distributed to prospective purchasers, for example, that a marketing name will not be the final address.

Contact Street Naming and Numbering

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