Parking permits

Residents' parking permits

Residents who live in a controlled parking zone and use one of the following may be eligible to apply for a permit:

  • car
  • goods vehicle (subject to a height limit of three metres and a width limit of 1.95 metres)
  • motorcycle with a side-car attached.

You cannot park in a permit bay without a valid permit or visitor voucher for that zone.

Cost of parking permits

The price of your permit depends on which zone you wish to have a permit for. You may not need a permit to park on public holidays. Check our parking permits cost schedule before you renew or buy a new permit.

Download parking permits cost schedule

Renewing a resident parking permit

You can now renew and pay for your resident parking permit online.

Don't forget to renew your parking permit at least three weeks before it runs out. We will send you a reminder but ultimately it is your responsibility. If you fail to renew your permit and you park in controlled parking zones, you may receive a parking ticket. 

Please note that your renewed permit will not be valid until you receive it in the post and it has been placed in your vehicle. You will receive your new permit within 15 working days of applying.

Application form: Renew and pay for resident parking permit online

Change of vehicles 

You can specify the new vehicle when renewing your permit if it is time to renew your permit and your vehicle has changed. Prepare to provide:

  • proof of ownership (vehicle registration or company car hire details)
  • or proof of insurance (showing applicant as a named driver on the policy).

You will be able to either upload the proof with the online permit renewal form, or submit it by email after you have filled in the online form.

If it is not time to renew your permit, you will need to complete a separate form to transfer your existing permit to the new vehicle.

More about change of vehicles

Change of address 

Please note that if your address has changed, you will not be able to renew your permit - you need to complete a brand-new application. 

Supporting evidence proving residency and vehicle ownership is required if your permit has expired by more than one month.

Download a resident parking permit application form

Blue Badge holders

If you are a Blue Badge holder, you cannot renew a resident parking permit online. Please download and fill out our paper application form and post it to us or visit one of our contact centres in person to renew your parking permit.

There is no charge for parking permits for Blue Badge holders. 

Download the Blue Badge parking permit renewal form

Applying for a new resident parking permit

To apply for a resident parking permit, you can download and print off an application form, then post it to Parking Services together with your supporting documents. You can also apply in person at one of customer contact centres.

You can pay for a new permit by credit or debit card by calling Parking Services or visiting one of our customer contact centres in person. You can also pay by cheque if you are applying in person or if you're sending your form to us by post. 

Supporting documents

Make sure you submit your parking permit application form at least ten days before the permit is needed, along with:

  • Proof of address: A utility or Council Tax bill (issued in the last three months), rent or pension book, bank statement or building society book
  • For new residents, a copy of a solicitors' letter with completion date, a tenancy agreement, or a letter from the applicant's employer or bank or building society confirming their new address is acceptable
  • For a residents' permit, proof of ownership or insurance to drive the vehicle, for example vehicle registration documents, lease or hire agreement or insurance cover note

A self-adhesive plastic holder will be issued free of charge with new permits so they can be clearly displayed in the windscreen. 

What if we have more than one car?

If two car owners live at the same house they are entitled to one resident permit each. If one person has two vehicles they can have both registration numbers put on one permit, although it can only be used on one vehicle at a time.

Guidance notes

More information about parking permits including answers to frequently asked questions is available in the guidance notes.

Download parking permit guidance notes

Contact Parking Services

Fourth Floor,
The Woolwich Centre,
35 Wellington Street,
London SE18 6HQ

Please address written appeals against parking fines to:
Parking Services,
Royal Borough of Greenwich,
PO Box 22157,
London SE18 6WJ

020 8921 4339

020 8855 7622