Information about Radon

According to a Health Protection Agency (HPA) report, there is a one to three per cent chance of properties in the Royal Borough of Greenwich being in a Radon affected area.

If you would like to find out about Radon risk in your area, you can buy a postcode-specific Radon Risk Report from the UK Radon website.

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What is Radon?


  • is a radioactive gas
  • occurs naturally
  • has no taste, smell or colour
  • comes out of the ground.

Outdoors, it is diluted to very low levels. However, in some cases the radon levels indoors can build up to high concentrations and pose risk to human health.

Radon levels in Royal Greenwich

In 2007, HPA published a report, Indicative Atlas of Radon in England and Wales. The report presents an overview of the results of detailed mapping of Radon potential in England and Wales.

Radon potential is defined as the estimated percentage of homes in an area above the radon Action Level.

According to the report, there is a one to three per cent probability of properties in the Royal Borough being in a Radon Affected Area.