Blue Badge parking scheme for disabled people

Replacing a lost, stolen or faded Blue Badge

If your Blue Badge is lost, stolen or faded, you can write to the Mobility Team for a replacement. For lost or stolen Blue Badges, you must first report it to your local police station. If your Blue Badge is nearing expiry, visit the Gov.UK website to renew it.


Apply for or renew a Blue Badge on the Gov.UK website

Lost or stolen Blue Badge 

You must report a lost or stolen badge to your local police station.

You must also write to our Mobility Team to tell us about the loss or theft and enclose with the letter a new photograph, any documentation from the police and a cheque or postal order for £10, for your replacement badge.

You can visit the Gov.UK website and report the lost or stolen badge online, but the other items as above must be sent to our Mobility Team before a replacement can be issued.

If the lost or stolen badge has less than three months until its expiry date, a replacement will not be issued.  A new application form should be submitted for the renewal of the badge, with a note telling us that your current badge is lost or stolen. 

Report a lost or stolen Blue Badge on Gov.UK

If your badge is later found 

If the badge is later found, please return it to our Mobility Team so that it can be securely destroyed.

Continued use of the reported lost or stolen badge may result in prosecution.

Faded Blue Badges

If your badge has faded, you will need to write to our Mobility Team to tell us, including an image of the faded badge. A replacement badge will be issued if there is more than three months until the expiry date. If there is less than three months until the badge expires, you should submit a new application form to renew the faded badge.

Replacement badges will be delivered to The Woolwich Centre for collection. The faded badge must be exchanged for the replacement badge.

Fee for a replacement Blue Badge

The cost of a replacement badge is £10, the same as that for a new one, and needs to be paid when you apply for a replacement. The expiry date of the replacement badge will be the same as that of the original.

Contact the Mobility Team

Second floor, The Woolwich Centre,
35 Wellington Street,
London SE18 6HQ

020 8921 2388