Regeneration and housing

New and affordable housing

The Council is playing a key role in the government's agenda for new communities in the Thames Gateway region. We have already made a significant contribution to new housing.

More new homes

Greenwich Council is one of London's leading providers of new housing. We are on target to provide 31,000 new homes. This is nearly double the level identified for the ten-year period to 2016 in the London Housing Capacity Study.

The Council also plays the role of landlord for 25,000 properties.

Quality housing for all

We work closely with registered social landlords and developers to ensure that:

  • 35% of new housing is affordable across the full range of property type and size
  • properties are built to lifetime home standards
  • 10% of properties are wheelchair accessible.

Some 1,198 new homes were built last year and another 1,500 are under construction. We are currently achieving over 125% of new housing targets. Schemes under way include the award-winning Greenwich Millennium Village, the Royal Arsenal in Woolwich, and other development areas.

Environmentally friendly

New housing developments in Greenwich aim to meet the Eco Home Excellent Standard. The majority achieve a 'very good' rating. The Council promotes environmentally sustainable communities and lifestyles. We use an EcoHouse resource centre to raise awareness of renewable energy systems and other sustainable technologies and materials.

Combined heat and power systems have also been included in regeneration schemes such as the Millennium Village and New Haddo.

The revised Unitary Development Plan requires high quality design to the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) standard in new developments.

Beacon status

The Council was awarded the Beacon Council status in 2005 for affordable housing. We have been actively working with developers to deliver mixed-tenure affordable homes.

We are working with London Councils to develop models of shared equity (ownership).

We now have over 40% of residents moving into new dwellings from a Greenwich address. This shows that new housing developments are increasingly available to local people.